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Madrid, 17 January 2018 - 09.00-14.00 – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid 

Salón de Actos. Edificio C
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación (ETSIT)
Avenida Complutense 30
UPM -Ciudad Universitaria s/n
28040 Madrid

Download the Final Project Workshop here

A workshop organised by the IN LIFE project consortium

On average people in Europe live longer than just one generation ago. The challenge for Europe is to make sure that older adults live those additional years in the best possible condition. For most of them, this means living in own homes or at least in community settings, supported on an “as needs”-basis by informal and formal caregivers. If introduced appropriately in real life, technology can be a precious ally in making the life experience while ageing of higher quality compared to a situation without technology: more independent, safer, socially connected and with better and sustainable integrated care. This holds true in particular for persons with mild cognitive impairment and dementia.

The IN LIFE project has developed strategies and tools in different areas of independence for older adults with mild cognitive impairment and different stages of dementia. The project has aimed to prolong and support their independent living through interoperable, open, personalised and seamless ICT solutions that support home activities, communication, health maintenance, travel, mobility and socialisation tasks.

In this workshop, the Consortium will present the results and discuss the outcomes of the project with representative stakeholders: older adults, informal caregivers, service providers, clinicians, industry, policy makers and researchers. Demos of the developed systems and services will be available. 

Draft programme

  8.30    Registration desk open

  9.00    Welcome and Opening 

  9.30    The challenges of integrated care for older adults – Leo Lewis (AAATE & Integrated Care Foundation)

  9.50 The IN LIFE approach – Maria Fernanda Cabrera (project co-ordinator)

10.20 Examples of IN LIFE technologies and services and their piloting

11.20 Break 

11.50 End user involvement: IN LIFE lessons learned – Arlene Astell (University of Reading)

12.05 Exploitation and business models: IN LIFE lessons learned – Paul Davis (Dublin City University)

12.20 “Challenges for eHealth”-panel session with Peter Cudd (University of Sheffield), Jon Arambarri Basanez (Virtualware), Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva (Open Evidence), Christian Galinski (Infoterm). Moderater: Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf (AAATE)

13.00 Visit to demo set ups 

14.00 End of workshop

Organisation: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, CRTM & AAATE

Registration is required: please click here

The official language of the workshop is English, but translation into Spanish is provided.

Programme updates will be regularly posted on the project website http://www.inlife-project.eu/


Madrid, 17 de Enero 2018 - 09.00-14.00 – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Salón de Actos. Edificio C
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación (ETSIT)
Avenida Complutense 30
UPM -Ciudad Universitaria s/n
28040 Madrid

Descargue la agenda del Taller del Proyecto Final aquí

Un taller organizado por el Consorcio del proyecto IN LIFE

En promedio, las personas en Europa viven más que hace una generación. El desafío para Europa es asegurarse de que los adultos mayores vivan esos años adicionales en las mejores condiciones posibles. Para la mayoría de ellos, esto significa vivir en hogares propios o al menos en entornos comunitarios, apoyados con una base de "necesidades" por parte de cuidadores informales y formales. Si se introduce adecuadamente en la vida real, la tecnología puede ser un aliado precioso para hacer que la experiencia de la vida mientras se envejece sea de mayor calidad en comparación con una situación sin tecnología: más independiente, segura, socialmente conectada y con una atención integral mejor y sostenible. Esto es cierto en particular para las personas con deterioro cognitivo leve y demencia.

El proyecto IN LIFE ha desarrollado estrategias y herramientas en diferentes áreas de independencia para adultos mayores con deterioro cognitivo leve y en diferentes etapas de demencia. El proyecto tiene como objetivo prolongar y apoyar su vida independiente a través de soluciones TIC interoperables, abiertas, personalizadas e integradas que respalden las tareas del hogar, la comunicación, el mantenimiento de la salud, los viajes, la movilidad y las tareas de socialización.

En este taller, el Consorcio presentará los resultados y discutirá sobre los resultados del proyecto con los representantes de los actores interesados: adultos mayores, cuidadores informales, proveedores de servicios, médicos, industria, responsables de políticas e investigadores. Demostraciones de los sistemas y servicios desarrollados estarán disponibles.


  8.30      Mesa de inscripción

  9.00      Bienvenida y apertura

  9.30      Los retos del cuidado integral en mayores adultos – Leo Lewis (AAATE & Integrated Care Foundation)

  9.50      La visión IN LIFE – Maria Fernanda Cabrera (Coordinadora del proyecto)

10.20     Ejemplos de tecnologías y servicios IN LIFE y su pilotaje

11.20     Descanso

11.50     Participación del usuario final: lecciones aprendidas IN LIFE – Arlene Astell (Universidad de Reading)

12.05     Explotación y modelos de negocio: lecciones aprendidas IN LIFE – Paul Davis (Universidad de Dublín)

12.20     “Retos para la e-Salud”-panel con Peter Cudd (Universidad de Sheffield), Jon Arambarri Basanez (Virtualware), Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva (Open Evidence), Christian Galinski (Infoterm). Moderador: Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf (AAATE)

13.00     Visita a los demostradores

Organización: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, CRTM y AAATE

Se requiere registro: por favor haga clic aquí

El idioma oficial del taller es el inglés, pero se proporciona traducción simultánea al español.


•    The kick-off meeting of IN LIFE was held on in Madrid, Spain.
•    IN LIFE was invited and attended the RRI-ICT 2015 event on 8-9 July 2015.
•    The second project meeting took place on 8-9 September in Budapest, Hungary.
•    A Workshop on standardization issues took place in the afternoon of the 9th September.

Workshop Title: “Accessibility and interoperability – Achievable through standards?”
Venue: Budapest
Time: 14:00 – 17:30

Abstract: The success of IN LIFE, and especially its pilots’ networking, is heavily relying on compliance to standards. IN LIFE claims to use standardization and drive it further towards harmonization and completion with the objective to facilitate and support accessibility and interoperability – including eAccessibility and eInclusion. Legal provisions set the framework for the dos and don’ts of human life. Technical standards (whose majority today refer to ‘non-technical’ issues such as methodologies, management, eLearning, ethics and policies) are a prerequisite for a successful implementation of law in many walks of life.

14:00     A. Bekiaris:         Opening and welcome
14:10     S. Giraldo:           The IN LIFE Standardization Plan
14:40     P. Cudd:              Dementia evaluation guidelines
15:00     C. Galinski:            Activities in ISO/TC 37 pertinent to IN LIFE
15:30     K. Miesenberger: Certification of web accessibility experts
15:50     Coffee break
16:00     Discussion 1:      “The primary standards for IN LIFE products and services”
16:30     Discussion 2:      “Borderless interoperability”
17:00     Discussion 3:      “IN LIFE contribution to standardization activities”
17:30     Wrap-up and closure

Medetel, Luxembourg April 7th 2016

INdependent LIving support Functions for the Elderly

How can comprehensive support for independent living and mobility of older people with cognitive impairments be achieved across Europe? What are their and their families/ carers primary needs, concerns and expectations from digital technologies and services? The InLife response to these questions and much more will be presented and discussed at the 1st InLife international Workshop.

Register to attend the free workshop organized by InLife.
To participate see the form on the next page and save the date.

The H2020 European project InLife invites you to join us. All stakeholders are welcome. InLife aims are to prolong and support the independent living of seniors with cognitive impairments, through interoperable, open, personalised and seamless ICT solutions that support home activities, communication, health maintenance, travel, mobility and socialisation tasks, with novel, scalable and viable business models, based on user/stakeholder identified needs and feedback from large-scale and multi-country service implementations.

The InLife 1st International Workshop will serve as a forum to present current and future work as well as to exchange ideas in the field of independent living and autonomous mobility of the older people with cognitive impairments.

To download the invitation please click here.