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Android application

On-road assistance, Android application for people traveling on public transport (EMT bus), with reduced mobility due to cognitive impairments related to age, illness, foreign language and / or other problems related to accessibility. When a user decides to go somewhere in the city, it is enough that his monitor creates his route on the Web and the application will help him reach his destination.

My Routes Android Application (EN)

Web application

Mobility Labs uses a system of session beginning based on Meteor, through both the user with special needs (User with special needs) to be monitored and the supervisor (Caregiver) can connect each other through the system and keep in touch all along the duration of the trip. For login use the Mobility Labs Reactive Box server. The url in which it can be obtained is ws://rbmobility.emtmadrid.es:3333 utilizando protocolo DDP.

My Routes Web Application (EN)