A complete guide to prevent elders’ abuse

Prevention for the Individual: from Stranger Abuse (although these tips are under the section of elder abuse, everyone can use them)

Do not leave your doors unlocked, even if you are home during the day.
When you leave the house, you can leave on a television or a radio.
Before going to bed at night, make sure the doors are locked and the windows are sealed.
Do not open the door to strangers.  And, don’t be afraid to ask for ID if they say they are a policeman.
If you receive many prank calls, you can get your address changed and you can have it unlisted.
If you feels someone is stalking (or watching) you, inform others.  Let family and friends know what is going on.
Find out if your neighbourhood is part of the NeighbourHood Watch program.  It’s where neighbours look after each other during the day and night.  The neighbours takes special notice of strangers prowling the neighbourhood.
Don’t take your wallet out while walking down the street.  It may get stolen.
When shopping in a store, make sure you get the correct change or receive your credit card back.  There have been incidences where cashiers will hand back the incorrect change on purpose, thinking that you won’t notice or that if you do notice you will think that you must have made the mistake.
Be careful of scams.  If someone asks you to put in money for an investment, seek advice from a professional such as a lawyer.
When having repairs for your car or home, you may want to get at least two estimates.  That way you will know that you are not being over priced.  For example, something that usually costs $50, should not be charged $300.

Prevention for the Individual:
From Family Member Abuse
Do not live with a family member who is or has been abusive to you or any one else in the past.
If your family member has a history of abuse, you may wish to have someone else assist you.
Speak to your friends, if you feel you are being taken advantage of, talk to someone about it.
Review your will. If you make changes, be sure it is because YOU want to, not because of pressure from family members.
Have friends and/or neighbours visit you often.
Seek legal advice when making decisions.
Have you social security or pension check deposited directly in to your account.
If you are going to Sign a Power of Attorney, speak to your lawyer first. Make sure you have listed out what you want to occur.
Do not sign anything until you have read it. If you have difficulty understanding the legal terms, seek out a lawyer and have him/her explain it to you.
Become involved with community, join clubs and activities.
Start early. Make as many arrangements as you can.

Prevention for the Individual:
Know Your Rights
You have the right to decide your own affairs to the best of your ability.
If you are going to have a Power of Attorney, make sure you choose the right person. If something should happen, your Power of Attorney has full say in your affairs.
You have the right to confidentiality. If you speak to an attorney, you do not have to tell your family what was said. You do not have to let others know what is included in a will.
If you are being abused, you have the right to seek out the authorities.
You have the right to be respected and to not be taken advantage of.
You have the right to take care of your own affairs for as long as you are able.

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